How To Write Your Remote Job Resume


Landing a remote job is much more than hard skills, educational background, or professional experience. Employers want talented people on their teams that fulfill the requirements, but hard skills are not the only thing that matters. And when it comes to creating working from home resumes, you need to make sure you put both skill sets on display. As the world of work moves towards a digital dimension, going to the office seems irrelevant for many. According to Upwork, 36.2 million workers will work remotely by 2025. There will be more offers for remote work vacancies, but not because of this it means you’ll easily get a job. You probably guessed it by now, but your secret weapon to land a remote job is writing the perfect work-from-home resume.

  • List these in your skillset to highlight your value as a remote worker.
  • If you have no experience, then focus on other points such as your degree, your high level of motivation, or your ability to learn on the fly.
  • For example, did you successfully run a project from inception to completion, including liaising with multiple people or teams?
  • Having extensive travel experience can also help you to land high-paying remote jobs.
  • Whatever the case, it’s your job to make it clear in your application, cover letter, and well-crafted resume that you’re seeking a remote opportunity.

Here are our guidelines to writing an interview winning resume and our tips on what to include when applying for remote jobs. Working from home is a great lifestyle, and it is likely to become more and more common as the internet’s influence on the workplace continues to grow. Developing a great resume for remote positions may soon be integral to a successful career.

Step #5 Complete The Second Draft Of Your Resume

Sending a resume with incorrect grammar or with sentences that don’t make sense could cost you a job! Our final tip, the cherry on top for your perfect work from home resume, is proofreading it. Working remotely is much more than working from your bed, showering on morning breaks, or eating garlic bread every lunch. It sounds exciting for most, but recruiters and managers want to how to list remote work on resume avoid the typical “I want to work remotely because I want to work on my PJs” type of candidate. The keywords that you add in your work from home resume give recruiters valuable information, but this is not only why they matter. An ATS is like a scanner that seeks specific details and information, so if you add the right keywords, you will likely pass the first vetting round.

One important thing is to remember that the company doesn’t want to know why remote working suits you, but rather why you working remotely will be beneficial to them. You could make a note of any specific remote work-related skills you might have. Remote work might have been hard to come by in the past but times have changed. Although it’s not easy to find a job in today’s market, remote work is increasingly common. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters’ attention.

Once you’ve made any fixes, complete the remaining sections of your resume likeEducation, Awards, Related Experience, etc. While these are nice to have, you should spend much less time on these than the other sections of your resume. Go through the first draft of your resume, and this time, implement the tips for beating the bots. It might be hard to do in a one-page resume, but whitespace enhances readability. Instead, you need a summary statement that quickly conveys your experience.

How To Explain Gaps In Employment In Your Resume, Cover Letter, And Interview

But, when you’re learning how to put remote work on your resume, follow a few extra tips to make sure you land in the “yes” pile. You should first consider why employers care about remote work experience.

  • Our review will help you with tips on the design, structure and content of your resume.
  • After all, there are no degrees or certificates that can prove that you have such skills.
  • 44% of companies in the US switched to remote work during COVID-19.
  • And having a dedicated resume for each type of role helps you focus on the specifics hiring managers are looking for.
  • Do this and you’ll make it to the next round where your resume and portfolio will tell more of your story.

Here are some ideas to give your resume a quick remote work makeover. Thousands of workers were forced to shift to remote work during the covid-19 pandemic. This does not necessarily mean they were a good fit for flexible work. It can be tricky to create these types of narratives and present them in a brief and digestible way. Fortunately, there are several frameworks that break down the process into easy steps. The Great Resignation is about taking a pause to reconfigure what work means and to actively pursue or create a job that satisfies one’s newfound meaning of work. The phenomenon that is the Great Resignation has captured the intrigue of many around the world.

How To Show Remote Work On Your Resume

Work on creating a digital portfolio today and follow the steps in this guide each time you come across a new remote position you want to apply for. This may mean re-reading the job description at least half a dozen times to truly understand what your future remote employer is looking for. Learning how to tailor your resume for each company also requires you to read the room . Some job ads will be more buttoned-up, while others will be more casual. Your resume must match this tone to connect with potential employers at these companies. These positions typically require skills you’ve acquired in your previous roles while allowing you to pick up new ones that put you in a better position to land your dream role. Consider a master resume a running list of all your career accomplishments and experience in your different roles.

If you have the skills to work remotely, your résumé should show it. While talking about the global pandemic in times of post-pandemic that are mainly responsible for the future trends in all the ind… One major concern employers have about remote work is the fact that they cannot physically monitor how much you are working each day.

How To Write A Resume For Remote Work: Tips And Strategies

Never submit a resume in a rush – a few typos here and there can turn off the hiring managers. Use online spell checking software (such as Grammarly.com), read the document aloud to ensure each bullet makes sense.

First, it’s important to find a good place in your resume to mention your remote work in a way that makes sense and goes smoothly with your other experiences. Whatever the case, it’s your job to make it clear in your application, cover letter, and well-crafted resume that you’re seeking a remote opportunity. If you had plenty of freelance projects or jobs with the same job title and similar responsibilities, you can group them under the same title, i.e. “Marketing copywriter – Freelance”.

how to show remote work on resume

Our review will help you with tips on the design, structure and content of your CV. Always save each resume with a name that correlates to the specific job.

Good With Computers? Heres How To Put It On Your Resume

Job seekers are regularly advised to tailor their resumes to fit the specific position they’re seeking. However, that same tailored approach to resume-writing should also include ensuring that your resume is aligned with the times and current job market trends. Remember, there is no better time than now to find an online job. A few tweaks to your resume can improve your job search results and ultimately help you land a remote work opportunity. We’ll show you exactly how to tailor your application so you can land the remote job you’ve been eyeing in just five simple steps. You may want a developer job, but it’s on you to show teams why you want this specific developer job and why you’ll be a perfect fit.

On the one hand, the resume has to clearly portray your contribution and accomplishments in your niche. https://remotemode.net/ On the other hand, it should be easy to understand for someone outside your line of career.

  • While there are plenty of online and remote jobs, and less competition, you still have to “Beat the Bots” for your resume to be seen, especially when seeking an online job.
  • Along with the summarization of your overall achievements, add how long you’ve been working remotely and your main takeaway from it.
  • We are ready to guide you through every step needed to transform your team..
  • Finding a remote job and getting hired typically means beating out a large pool of candidates, particularly if a remote position is open to job seekers worldwide.

He believes in the importance of a great resume summary and the power of coffee. Updating the skills sections of your resume highlights your ability to work remotely. But it’s essential to back up this claim with a description of how you used these skills in previous jobs. This article is for anyone looking to join the fast-growing throng of remote workers. Here, we’ll discuss how to write the perfect resume for that dream remote work position.

If you’ve never had a remote job, then try to think of the times when you did work remotely. Did you take Friday off to see the doctor and work from a coffee shop? The more examples you can think of, the better you can represent your remote experience. Let’s pretend that I’m seeking a training project manager job. Even though I don’t have that title in any of these last jobs, my history demonstrates my ability to do the job—also called transferable skills. Using keywords and phrases communicates that I can do the role of a training project manager. A summary statement is the intro paragraph at the top of your resume.

how to show remote work on resume

Some people call it an objective but that’s not specific enough. For example, “Looking to obtain a position as a remote customer service agent” doesn’t describe who you are or what makes you a great candidate. Lastly, even though hiring managers look for what’s called a purple unicorn—the perfect person to fill a role—they know that no such person exists. Therefore, if you come with enough skills, are eager to learn, and are coachable, you can establish yourself as a top candidate. Introduce where you found the position and mention the specific job you’re applying for. Your cover letter and resume are necessary for hiring managers, but your digital presence, or portfolio, is what’s really going to help you get noticed in a crowded market. Since it’s harder to train employees who work remotely, candidates who already have experience working with remote platforms are going to be considered over those who don’t.

Contrary to popular belief, lengthy resumes aren’t all that great. Recruiters won’t waste their time reading them due to their hectic schedules. The best thing to do is to limit your resume to no more than two pages. Putting remote work on a resume is an important part of self-branding, but listing every job you’ve ever had is just a time-waster for both you and the recruiter. While a one-page resume is ideal, don’t be scared to extend the length if you have five years of experience or more.

An obvious place to do this is in the skills section on your resume. Here, you’ll want to think about both the technical and soft skills that make you a strong remote employee. For example, as a remote team member, you’ll need to be comfortable with video conferencing, messaging, and using team and project management tools. You can even list the specific name of programs you have experience using, like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Asana, or Wrike. If the company you’re interviewing with uses the same tools, it’ll likely put the employer at ease knowing you already have the experience with them. Prior remote experience and skills are valuable for employers if you’re looking for a telecommuting role. Learn how to list your remote jobs in a resume professionally and attract the employers’ attention.Read More…

Instead, use words and phrases to describe how your experience closely matches the experience required for the job. They look at your resume for things like keywords and information that matches the job description. What this means to you is that you have to optimize your resume, a.k.a. beat the bots. The bulk of my resume remains the same; I just change the summary and maybe a few statements to align with the job title. Before potential employers even check out your portfolio or resume, they’re going to read your cover letter first.

How To Put Remote Work On Resume?

Managed team of 6 direct reports during COVID-19, including transition to remote work and coordinating hybrid work schedules. In your area to learn more or search for local job opportunities here. Try to incorporate your remote work setup in your resume to truly demonstrate your dedication. Especially remotely, where everyone is sort of tasked with the same responsibilities, differentiating yourself by providing numbers or amounts could be the reason for your hiring.

We have written about how to write a great resume before in our Resume Guide, but writing a resume for a remote job requires special attention. Before you apply for your next remote role, it is important to tailor your resume to suit the needs of a remote position. If you use these 5 tips for writing a remote resume you will be working from home in no time.

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